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The principals of Royalton Capital individually have 30-year proven track records of successful real estate investment in the New York City market.


As lifelong New Yorkers formally trained in architecture, design and finance, Ms. Lee and Mr. John have an intuitive understanding of emerging neighborhood trends and the experience necessary to create value from these transformations. Their innovative solutions can be seen throughout Royalton’s diverse portfolio of real estate projects, located throughout the city and across all product types.




With over 30 years of experience in real estate investment management, Ms. Lee has acquired and managed over $5 billion of debt and equity investments.  Her keen understanding of market cycles and the intricacies of the New York city real estate combined with her tireless entrepreneurial drive have uniquely enabled her to tackle the most complex urban infill projects with great success.

Ms. Lee is the former Principal and Chief Investment Officer of Baltoro Capital Management, LLC (an affiliate of John Hancock Insurance Company) and the former Chief Financial Officer of Manchester Real Estate and Construction, LLC.  Ms. Lee also served as Senior Vice President at GE Capital, where she structured and closed large commercial real estate loans for syndication to domestic and foreign financial institutions.

Ms. Lee served on the Real Estate Advisory Committee (REAC) of New York State Common Retirement Fund and as President and board member of WX, an invitation-only organization comprised of 120 senior women in key New York real estate organizations.


Ms. Lee received her B.A. in Architecture from Princeton University and her M.B.A. from Columbia University.


Tel: 212-452-3118


Joshua JOHN

As a developer and investor, Mr. John has completed over 100 construction projects in the past 25 years; including deals ahead of the curve in Soho, the Lower East Side, and across Brooklyn.     


Mr. John’s ability to seamlessly incorporate space, design, and materials into quality construction that is on-time and on-budget has consistently enabled him to achieve premium rents and valuations for his projects.

Prior to Royalton, Mr. John was the founding principal of 8x8 Construction, whose philosophy was to integrate design and planning with construction expertise. Further complementing Mr. John’s technical skills is an in-depth knowledge of New York building codes, which allows him to maneuver through complex building and zoning analysis involving both special districts and Historical Landmarks & Preservation studies to unlock potential value.

Mr. John earned a BA in political science from Vassar College and received design training at Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.


Tel: 212-452-3110

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